Has Your Human Right Application Been Refused?

Some of the facts:

You must be facing deprivation of your right to family life or private life if you are forced to leave the UK; OR You must be in a situation where you will make a difference to someone’s family life by receiving permission to remain in the UK; In some cases, when Home Office decision has denied you the right to stay in the UK, you may be given a Right of Appeal;
The time frame for lodging an in-country appeal is very short; You require to present the facts before the judge in a strong way considering the right Law, so it is advisable to work with an experienced immigration lawyer who can represent your case in a professional and timely manner.

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    Blog on Human Rights Appeal

    How Human Rights Appeal can help Immigration Applicants

    Human Rights Appeal: How can it help Immigration Applicants?

    Human Right Appeal process can be complex but genuine applicants are benefiting from it. “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela Few of us appreciate the progressiveness and importance of human rights. They protect us from those in power, i.e. the government or royalty from making arbitrary…

    Success Story on Human Rights Appeal

    Human Rights Appeals Reunites Child with His Parents in the UK

    When Master B’s indefinite leave to enter application as a child based on sole responsibilities was refused, his step-father and mother were devastated. His parents decided to try to find out if it was worth going through the appeal process and contacted some professional firms that specialised in this type of legal issue but could…

    Video on Human Rights Appeal

    Administrative Review Appeal UK Visa Refusal
    Refused Application?

    Experts appeal a UKVI refusal through First-Tier Tribuanl (FTT)

    UK Immigration Appeal Process

    We are a specialised UK immigration law firm.

    Today I want to talk to you about UK immigration appeal.

    You might be able to appeal to the First-tier TRIBUNAL if the Home Office has refused your ‘asylum claim’, human rights claim or made a decision under the EEA Regulations.

    The tribunal is INDEPENDENT of government. A judge will listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision.

    If you are having a full right of appeal, then you should consider seeking legal advice from an experienced immigration lawyer.

    Let me share as to how we deal with the appeals at A Y & J Solicitors.

    The first step is to review your case and find out the chances of success for an appeal, the fees involved and the recommended approach to your appeal.

    It’s not always advisable to appeal a decision, so make sure you have an expert advice before moving forward.

    You will then be asked to gather documents and information to support your appeal. It’s important
    that this is done quickly, because the deadline for appeal is short and inflexible.

    Next, the hearing preparation begins. Let me summarize this in 5 points.

    Point 1 includes compiling evidence to support your appeal,
    Point 2 includes the skeleton argument your lawyer prepares in your defence,
    Point 3 includes any examples of case law that are pertinent,
    Point 4 includes any violation of the Home Office’s policy guidance, and
    Point 5 includes a detailed statement of your situation that is completely accurate in showing your circumstances.

    Your lawyer will then help you get ready by reviewing all information and any questions you may be asked during your hearing.

    Now, at the hearing stage, there is a set structure.

    First you will have a pre-hearing conference with your lawyer to help you feel confident and calm. Next, a brief meeting takes place between your lawyer and the presenting officer of the Home Office. Occasionally a favourable decision could arise from this meeting, and the hearing could be shortened to a decision. If a decision could not be made, the skeleton argument is handed to the judge, and your case is presented. You will be asked questions by your lawyer and by the Home Office. Then after, closing submissions are heard from the both sides. The hearing would be concluded with a private meeting with your lawyer to ensure that you understand everything that was discussed.

    Usually a decision about your appeal is given later and is received in writing. After you receive this decision, you meet with your lawyer —hopefully to celebrate your upcoming Visa!

    The appeal process is technical and often complex, if you have any questions or require our assistance, please get in touch. We’ve processed many successful appeals, and we can help you too. Our contact details are at the bottom of this video.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    A Y & J Solicitors’ Review

    My experience with A Y & J Solicitors was really good. Very detailed and knowledgeable. All my questions were answered on time. They are very approachable and friendly. I would highly recommend them – it may be very simple query or a very complex case; you can trust them.


    Having found myself in a rather sticky situation I was desperate for advice/help/guidance. I found A Y & J Solicitors through a friend and with in minutes into my first phone call to them, felt a sense of tremendous peace of mind which I had longed for. Mr Yash spoke very professionally and together with his team went on to do the almost impossible and secure an ‘Out of time’ extremely complicated Tier 2 application for myself and a spouse visa for my wife. Yes they are expensive. But their services are well worth it. They are direct & almost every step of the way they were transparent and kept me updated on the status as and when they knew anything. With out a doubt, I can easily say that our experience with them has been fantastic and would highly recommend their services to any one i know that is looking for a good immigration solicitor. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Yash. God Bless. Thumbs up to the excellent team they have.

    I went to Globevisas on a friend’s recommendation and I’m glad I did that. These guys are very helpful and they know what they’re talking about. My ILR application was an extremely smooth experience and was granted without any hassles at all. I would recommend Globevisas to anyone who is looking for help to sort out their visa issues!

    Human Rights Appeal

    Human Rights Appeal

    Human Rights Application Refused – Appeal Process Human Rights Application Refusal Appeal is complex UK immigration matter, but it helps those innocent visa nationals when their right to private and/or family life is denied. UK government’s removed appeal rights under the Points-Based-System, except in situations where it is alleged that the refusal breaches the applicant’s…

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